The Healing Codependency Online Course

A 12-lesson course to help you understand what codependency is, discover why you became codependent, and learn how you can take control back and live the life you were destined for.



Codependency is a complete lack of self love and worth where one constantly seeks external validation from others

Do you often describe yourself as the caretaker in a relationship?


You know - the one who goes out of their way to seek external approval and validation, avoid conflict, ease tension, and make sure everyone is happy? 

That hits home, doesn’t it?


How many of these behaviours do you also identify with?


✔ I avoid making difficult decisions in my relationship. It’s easier to go with what they want. 

✔ I’m not sure how to communicate my feelings to them. It’s really frustrating. 

✔ I’ve started avoiding topics altogether that I know they’ll disagree with still. It feels like I’m walking on eggshells a lot of the time. 

✔ I listen to the advice they give me, even when it feels off to me. 

✔ I need reassurance often. If I’m not getting enough affection or undivided attention from them, then something is wrong. 

✔ I probably apologise too much. 

✔ I always seem to find myself in relationships where I am trying to fix other people. Even my friendships centre around helping others. 

✔ I don’t do anything for myself in my relationships. I’m not even sure I have a hobby!

✔ I feel like I’ve lost my sense of self in most of my relationships. 

✔ Even when I recognize my codependent behaviours, I can’t seem to get rid of them. 


Now is the time to reclaim your true self and live the life you were destined to live.  

I created the Healing Codependency Course to help people like us understand what codependency is, why we may be codependent and how we can change it and move on to have a healthy sense of self so that we can live the life we were destined to live


You’re not alone. 

Codependency is a pattern of learned behaviours we have adopted to help us feel safe. Over time, our codependency traits turn into an ADDICTION — one that takes work to heal from! 

Reread that, please… codependency is a pattern of LEARNED behaviours — know that this is not your fault! You are not broken!

The presence of codependency is often a precursor for someone who finds themselves in a relationship with a narcissist. Once we fall into this pattern of behaviours, it can be hard to break — just like any other addiction. 

It is not my intention for you to sit in a victim mentality in knowing this, but rather, to empower you to recognize the fact that you were victimized by the narcissist, who acted as the abuser, and you suffered trauma as a result.

Trauma is not what happens to us, but what we say to ourselves on a deep level in response to what has happened and what we have locked in our body. 

THIS is what causes the dysregulation — and it means that the POWER to heal lies within YOU! Change is possible!

Codependency is a lack of “self”, meaning we don’t feel worthy, loveable, important or good enough and are ALWAYS looking for external approval and validation. Can you relate?

This often happens in childhood when we attach meaning and interpretation to events whether they be abuse, neglect, or a lack of attachment to our caregivers for various reasons. It can even be our own interpretation of an unemotional parent… it is a very personal experience and there is no right or wrong.

I was codependent in my own childhood. From a young age, I carried feelings about my lack of self-worth because whatever I did, my father never praised me — and my interpretation of this was that I was not good enough. 

Now, of course, as a child, I WAS good enough. It was just my father parenting me — to the best of his ability based on what he learned from his childhood. I did not have the cognitive capacity to recognise this as a child, so the negative belief that got wired into my brain was “I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH”. This resulted in somatic memory. Whenever someone would try and make me feel like I was not good enough, my body would physically react to that trauma!


This memory was stored in my body and anything that triggered it would take me back to those painful feelings, and encourage me to practice codependency to create a sense of safety and security for myself. This meant my blueprint became a people-pleasing, high-achieving perfectionist!!! 

This then made me a magnet for toxic friendships and relationships and led me to marry a narcissist. Codependents and narcissists always seem to go hand in hand. 


Enough of that. ​​Now is the time to reclaim your true self and live the life you were destined to live. 


Here’s how I can help you.

This programme was created to help people like us understand what codependency is, why we may be codependent and how we can change it and move on to have a healthy sense of self so that we can live the life we were destined to live.

Lesson 01: What is Codependency?

The first step in recognizing and healing your codependency starts with learning more about codependency itself and how it manifests in different areas of our life. 

Lesson 02: Are You Codependent?

If the first lesson hits home for you, then just wait for this one. This lesson digs deeper into codependent behaviours and what it truly feels like to be someone in a codependent position. 

Lesson 03: Healing Your Inner Child

For most of us, codependence starts in childhood. By going back to our roots, we can identify fundamental patterns that hold us back from healing and maintaining healthy relationships today. 

Lesson 04: Understanding the Addiction

Codependency runs deep. It’s important to step back and recognize all the ways in which codependent behaviour rules us. 

Lesson 05: Navigating Relationships as a Codependent Person

After you’ve had a chance to fully understand your patterns of codependency, we’ll start to look forward and discuss how you can create healthy relationships of all types moving forward. 

Lesson 06: Setting Boundaries as a Codependent Person

One of the most important tools available to us is our ability to set and stick to healthy boundaries in our relationships. 

Lesson 07: Finally Breaking the Habit of Codependency

In this lesson, I’ll help you understand how you can break the habit of codependency in your life once and for all!

Lesson 08: Mindfulness & Codependency

Mindfulness plays a key role in our ability to maintain healthy habits and lead a life that fulfils us. This lesson will dig deeper into how you can integrate mindfulness into your codependency healing journey. 

Lesson 09: Phases of Recovery

As with any form of therapy and self-discovery, the healing process isn’t linear. We’ll take a step back to remind you of what your healing journey will look like, and how you can successfully navigate all of the unexpected twists and turns that life throws your way. 

Lesson 10: Your Intentional Future Self

What’s next? We’ll look at how you can use the tools you learned to heal your codependency to create the life you were always destined to live!

Lesson 11: A Self-Love Trauma Informed Hypnotherapy Meditation Recording

To top it all off, we’ll walk through one final tool you can use in your healing journey: self-love. 



Healing from codependency takes time. 

I’m a firm believer that you can’t rush healing - that’s why you will have LIFETIME access to this course in your very own online portal!

Codependency is all about discovering yourself. 

Loving yourself. Trusting yourself to such a strong degree that you’ll never second guess yourself again. You’ll never accept less than what you deserve.

We learned to be codependent to feel safe. 

No wonder it’s stuck around so long! Of course, your brain is going to struggle with letting go of beliefs that at one point kept us safe and gave us security.

There is a WORLD of tools out there that can help us heal and cope. 

Codependents struggle with boundaries because we have never felt as if what we felt was valid and worthy of being taken seriously.

It’s time to break harmful beliefs and create new ones!

Healing requires that we learn an entirely new set of beliefs that are centred upon the idea that at our core WE ARE ENOUGH!

You can get access to all of this incredible content for LIFE for just $49! 

Yes, really. That’s the price that gets you a LIFETIME of healing and healthy relationships!



I’m Caroline Strawson. 

I help you move from complex post-traumatic stress disorder to post-traumatic growth achieving higher-level living BECAUSE of your trauma.

I’ve been in your place before. It’s actually what inspired me to take this path and help people around the world heal their narcissistic trauma, find meaning in their stories, and awaken their potential to live a life of joy, connection, and LOVE. 

I’m a multi-award-winning ICF Accredited Trauma-Informed Therapist & Coach and the founder of The Post Traumatic Growth Academy. 

I also host the #1 itunes podcast, The Narcissistic Trauma Recovery Podcast to provide my community with additional tangible tools and techniques to help them on their recovery journey. 

I’ve been featured repeatedly on national television, national newspapers, magazines, and BBC Radio. 

But unlike other narcissistic trauma recovery programmes, I integrate both my personal experiences and my medical background into my teachings. 

I get you. I see you. I hear you. 


Through my personal experiences and medical background, I created a unique therapeutic technique known as Narcissistic Trauma Unlocking that incorporates a combination of cognitive (mind) and somatic (body) therapies to heal the trauma of narcissistic abuse ONCE AND FOR ALL!

☑ ICF Accredited Trauma-Informed Certified Coaching
☑ Brainspotting Level 3
☑ EMDR (attachment focused)
☑ Internal Family Systems Level 3
☑ Clinical Hypnotherapist & Master Trainer
☑ Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology (PGDip)
☑ Neuroscience
☑ Advanced Certificate Domestic Abuse 
☑ Certified High-Performance Coaching
☑ Polyvagal Guided
☑ Breathwork
☑ Nervous System Health
☑ Accredited Divorce & Breakup Coaching






I am feeling confident. I am feeling self-love, I am feeling the passion and the beliefs that I used to have as a child ... I am starting to feel that I can truly make a difference now that I have recognised the root cause. Without you Caroline, I would not be ME again.





Caroline — I am like a new woman. I’m not going to lie. I feel completely different and so much more energised and happy! I am eating well, exercising and filling my day up with positivity and productivity! I really don’t want to jinx it In case it’s a phase but it feels more real and normal than ever before! I feel like I’ve finally cracked it! I went to court yesterday and wasn’t afraid. I went for a run in the morning, was meditating all the way up to going in and I didn’t fall off the wagon with my eating even despite the stress of the day! I feel wonderful. Like me, who I was supposed to be all along. I can’t thank you enough.







I grew up in an abusive household and never felt good enough. You have helped me realise that I was worthy all along and I have stopped relying on others to be nice to me now for me to feel good enough because I feel good enough myself now.