Come & Join The Post Traumatic Growth Academy


Your very Own Trauma Informed Therapist & Coach In Your Pocket


The Monthly Membership To Heal Narcissistic Trauma, Find Meaning & Awaken Your Purpose From Your Pain.


No Shame  • No Judgement  •  No Guilt 



Come & Join The Post Traumatic Growth Academy®

Your very Own Trauma-Informed Therapist & Coach In Your Pocket

The Monthly Membership To Heal Narcissistic Trauma,

Find Meaning & Find A Purpose In Your Pain.

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Come and join the

#1 online Trauma-Informed Monthly Membership

To Heal and Thrive After Narcissistic Abuse.


The Post Traumatic Growth Academy®...


A membership dedicated to YOU.

Healing your YOUNGER SELF,

Stepping into your ADULT SELF,

To thrive as your HIGHER SELF,

Heal Narcissistic Trauma,

Find Meaning and

Awaken Your Purpose From Your Pain.


The ONLY Trauma-Informed Narcissistic Abuse Monthly Healing Membership.


Access your very own Trauma-Informed Therapist and Coach each month.


Imagine having your very own personal Trauma-Informed Therapist and Coach in your pocket,

supporting you each month to heal and thrive using a combination of somatic, cognitive and deep healing techniques. 

Are you ready to begin the work of your own healing?

You are not alone.

The Post Traumatic Growth Academy® is a private, self-led community for those willing to do the work to create lasting transformation.


We are a community that thrives on the vision that you are your own best healer 

£49/$67 Per Month


Annual Membership Buy 8 Months Get 4 FREE - £397/$549 

(saving £200/$280)

How would you like to have a Trauma Informed personal therapist and coach in your pocket so that you know every month that you can continue to work on yourself and keep going deeper in your healing journey, with a group therapy and coaching session?

Access techniques such as

  • Brainspotting,

  • Flash EMDR,

  • Internal Family Systems,

  • Rapid Transformational Therapy,

  • Nervous System Regulation,

  • Positive Psychology

  • and more……. 

These are a combination of live trainings, recordings and worksheets. You will receive a separate email with details of the logins, times of Masterclass and downloads.


Masterclass (Value $399)

Masterclass (Value $399)












  • 1 x LIVE Monthly Therapy & Coaching Action Lab

  • 1 x Monthly Action Lab Workbook

  • 1x LIVE Monthly Open Forum “Ask Me Anything “ Q and A’s

  • 2 x LIVE Guest Speaker Masterclasses each month

  • A library of over 18 Recorded Action Labs

  • A private Facebook group

  • A private membership area

  • Library of Recorded RTT Meditations

  • New guided meditations each month to deepen the work.

  • and more... 

Remember the work is never-ending, just beginning and continually working on yourself is an important part of you reaching your true self-potential.


There is no such thing as fully “healed”!!!


This membership can support you to find meaning and awaken your purpose from your pain so you can live the life YOU DESERVE!


Each month, you get LIVE therapy and coaching with a unique integration of cognitive and somatic deep healing techniques.


This is an INTENTIONAL SELF HEALING membership 

£49/$67 Per Month


Annual Membership Buy 8 Months Get 4 FREE - £397/$549 

(saving £200/$280)


SELF Energy

SELF Leadership

Do The Following Symptoms Sound Familiar?

Nervous System Dysregulation

Confidence At Rock Bottom

Doubting Yourself

Weight Gain/Weight Loss

Mood Swings

Insecurity and Jealous Feelings 

Obsessive Thoughts

Wondering If YOU Are The Narcissist

Trying to Find Explanations Of What Is Happening

Non-Stop Crying


Feelings Of Helplessness

Thinking No One Understands




Lack Of Self-Love

Lack Of Self-Esteem

Lack Of Self-Respect

Lack Of Self-Belief

Always People-Pleasing

Brain Fog

Self Critical

Trouble Setting Boundaries


Guilt and Shame

Inner Child

These are all SYMPTOMS of TRAUMA 

In The Post Traumatic Growth Academy®,

you will work on not just managing the symptoms but getting right to the ROOT CAUSE 

This is a true investment in your SELF.


I know sometimes, we put ourselves at the bottom of the list of priorities but the more you heal yourself, the more you heal the next generation and step into your personal power. 


Meet Caroline...

Hi Amazing Lady,

My name is Caroline Strawson and I am a multi-award-winning Trauma-Informed Therapist and Coach specialising in Narcissistic Trauma.

I use a unique integration of somatic and cognitive therapies and coaching to help go deep to the root cause so you can start to thrive after narcissistic abuse.

Trauma Unlocking® is my unique integration using techniques such as Brainspotting, EMDR, Internal Family Systems, Rapid Transformational Therapy, Nervous System Rebooting, Positive Psychology and more!!!

These are all deep healing techniques to help you have POST TRAUMATIC GROWTH. A term we use in positive psychology to lead an even more joyful and connected life BECAUSE of Narcissistic Trauma.

This may seem impossible but I help you find meaning and purpose in your pain.

I have been right where you are now having suffered from CPTSD, anxiety, depression, and self-harm and had a debt of over £70,000 and my home repossessed but I went on to have Post Traumatic Growth BECAUSE of what I went through.

I have a wealth of personal experience, a wealth of professional qualifications, certificates, and accreditations but the number one drive for me is helping and educating people just like yourself about narcissistic abuse because narcissistic abuse is TRAUMA and affects the brain, mind and body.

Wherever you are on your journey right now, I am sure you want to feel better, think better and feel once and for all that YOU ARE ENOUGH and filled with SELF LOVE.

Come and join me in the #1 Narcissistic Abuse Monthly Membership For Women, The Post Traumatic Growth Academy® where I can help you not just bounce back but bounce forward.

I will be your very own therapist and coach in your pocket for the fraction of the cost of what you would pay for one to one work with me.

Love Caroline xoxo 

Come and join the #1 Trauma-Informed membership for you to SELF-heal after Narcissistic Trauma, Find Meaning and Awaken Their Purpose from their Pain.

Remember there is no tie in but I know once you become part of this special community, you won’t ever want to leave.

£49/$67 Per Month


Annual Membership Buy 8 Months Get 4 FREE - £397/$549 

(saving £200/$280)

Here are some amazing kind words from some of our current members who have already joined The Post Traumatic Growth Academy®


I adore my membership here. After attending the Recovery School, this is just what I needed to keep myself accountable and continuing on my healing journey!
There is always emotional and practical support whenever I need it!
It is a monthly necessity for me now ☺️


I really needed this group after struggling to find people that could relate to my experience. I do the RTT sessions every day and find them to be very helpful and relaxing.
I plan to do the Recovery School in April and hope to deepen my healing even further!


This is an amazing group of women who offer no judgment, only advice, insight, support and understanding!
Caroline Strawson provides a structured programme of monthly lessons and talks from experts on every topic you need to build your new life!
This is a safe space to heal and grow. This membership has provided me with much-needed kindness and support when I felt I had nobody else to turn too.


A supportive amazing group, there is always encouragement, understanding and compassion. I love the monthly lessons, I have learnt so much about myself. I joined this group before fleeing a 14-year abusive marriage, my self healers friends and Caroline have been with me every step of this journey. I have grown so much, this group and Caroline's school has truly helped me transform my life. There have been some fabulous guest speakers, and there is always an endless supply of knowledge from the group of inspirational women. I truly love the group, I can't recommend it enough, and I can never express in words how inspiring Caroline is.


The support of  Caroline Strawson and this group have got me through some of the highest highs and lowest of lows this past two years.
The insight and knowledge Caroline has around narcissistic abuse has been the reason I have come so far in my own journey of recovery. Reading what other women have been through has empowered me to heal myself from the trauma I have been through.
The women in this group are truly amazing and it is a privilege to be a part of the group alongside them. There is no pressure to share, no pressure to talk... just support always.


I joined this group at a really low point, I was having talking therapy and it was triggering me sending me lower and lower without providing any tools for how to support myself. This group and Caroline was a lifeline.
Working through the lessons, the RTTs, learning the resources to bring me back inline made such a difference.
The group is so lovely and supportive, full of people with similar experiences who know what you’re going through and will offer kind supportive words when you need it most.


The quality and value of this group are immeasurable and although I am a member of many groups, this is only one of a handful that I follow daily and will actively contribute to.
The group has been the perfect complement to everything that I have been learning and continue to learn. It keeps me accountable, with a group of women who are dedicated to their healing journey.
Every time I feel that I am slipping or need to reach out for some guidance or a pep talk, I know that I can without judgment and to others who understand exactly what I mean. I have made some lifelong friends. Even though we don’t see each other regularly, they feel like my family and we have built up trust and a very positive and close bond. Caroline Strawson leads by example, with grace and intelligence. Her expertise and knowledge are unsurpassed and her enthusiasm spills over to inspire me each and every day. xxx


This group has quite literally changed my life.
The support, knowledge and guidance I have gained from Caroline and the other amazing women has been priceless.
The monthly lessons and RTTs are a toolkit for life.
There is never any judgement in the group - they have cheered me on in times of strength and propped me up in times of sadness.
Caroline and the group are incredible!


During some of the lowest points of my life, I have a beacon of light to return to.
The support, encouragement and friendship are freely offered from Caroline also from within the group.
Having the monthly RTT sessions are life-changing, the personal growth is beyond measure.
One particular RTT has kept me anchored over the last year. I am truly grateful and feel honoured to be a part of the Post Traumatic Growth Academy membership.
Thank you, Caroline and the Post Traumatic Growth Academy family.


The most kindest, supportive non-judgemental group, my safe place. So good to communicate with people who finally get me! x


Love the Post Traumatic Growth Academy, everyone supports one another and Caroline provides great lessons and is always on hand to help and advise x


This group has opened up my life for a more positive way forward. The support and guidance have been unreal and I am finally starting to understand myself!
I can’t thank Caroline or the ladies on here enough xxx